Release Notes 1.20b (February 7, 2017)

Marc Mason -

MER Updates:

TB_ART and TB_STAT have been updated from quarterly to semi-annual indicators

Per the MER 2.0 guidance, TB_ART and TB_STAT are now semi-annual indicators. Any data that was input into these indicators for FY17 Quarter 1 (Oct-Dec 2016) has been removed. This was required to avoid any inconsistencies in the data.


Security Updates:

DATIM has deployed security features that bring it in line with standards for US Government Systems. Please note the following key changes:

  1. DATIM Terms of Use: Users will have to agree to Terms of Use prior to logging in to DATIM. These Terms of Use inform the user that they are logging in to a Department of State system and that they may be monitored. This pop-up will appear any time you navigate to datim.org.
  2. Automatic Account Lock: Your account will lock for 15 minutes if you incorrectly enter your password 5 times in a period of 15 minutes. If you do get locked out, please wait for at least 15 minutes and then attempt to log in again, your account will automatically be re-activated. Please DO NOT contact the help desk, they will not be able to unlock your account.
  3. User Account expiration: User accounts will automatically be disabled if they have not been used for a period of 95 days. To prevent your account from being deactivated, please log into your account at least once every 3 months. If your account is deactivated, please reach out to your user administrator to unlock your account.
  4. User Invitation expiration: If a user invitation is not accepted within 14 days, that user invitation will expire. In order to receive an account, that user will have to be re-invited.
  5. User Admin Policy and Process: These security changes will result in some changes to policy and process for User Admins. If you are a user admin, we will be developing some additional guidance for you. Please look out for this guidance in the coming weeks.


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