Release Notes 1.20g (February 21, 2017)

Juthe Dana -

DATIM Release 1.20g was deployed as a maintenance release on February 21st, 2017. 

DATIM v1.20c resolves several issues that were found in DATIM and includes an additional update to improve security.

Resolved Defects:


  1. Issue sending user invitations to certain partners in South Africa


User administrators who were attempting to send user invitations to certain partners in South Africa were receiving an error when attempting to add these users. This was a result of the fact that there were multiple instances of this user  group in the system. The incorrect instances have been deleted, and user admins should no longer experience this issue when inviting users for this partner.


  1. Several category options not viewable


Some category options were not viewable to all users, in particular:





Construction & renovation


Infant Test Postive within 2 months

Not Evaluated

Training (in-service)

Treatment Completed

Treatment Failed



This would result in an error being shown when attempting to import data into DATIM. These permissions have been rectified, and this issue should no longer impede users from importing data.


Security Enhancements:


  1. User accounts will now deactivate after 95 days without logging in


Users who do not log in for a period of 95 days will have their accounts deactivated. Users whose accounts become deactivated should contact their respective user administrators to re-activate their account. This deactivation time has been reduced in order to comply with government security requirements.

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