Release Notes 1.21c (April 25, 2017)

Shayna Padovano -

DATIM Release 1.21.c was deployed as a maintenance release on April 25th, 2017.

DATIM 1.21.c changes the name of the HTS indicator at the data element level.

MER Indicator Update

HTC_TST changed to HTS_TST at the data element level

The HTC_TST indicator has been  changed to HTS_TST at the data element level. This indicator name was already being displayed as HTS_TST on the data entry forms, however, the data element name, which is often the one used to run pivot tables, was not changed. This update will change all the HTC_TST indicator names to HTS_TST, including all older indicators or disaggregates. This change is made across the board in order to properly perform longitudinal analysis of this indicator.

Please note the following regarding this change:


  • All instances of the HTC_TST data element will be changed to HTS_TST
  • This will not change EA or SIMS data elements
  • This will not affect the ability to see favorites that already exist using this indicator
  • The technical area filter will still show HTC_TST for the time being
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