Release Notes 1.21.d (May 4, 2017)

Shayna Padovano -

DATIM Release 1.21.d was deployed as a maintenance release on May 4th, 2017.

DATIM 1.21.d included fixes to the pivot table application and MER form validations.

Defect Fixes:

  1. Pivot Tables now run in Internet Explorer 11

When using the Internet Explorer 11 browser, the pivot table application would attempt to load, but the loading animation would persist, and the application would never load.

This issue has been resolved in this release.


2. Restored the ability to highlight, copy, and paste directly from pivot tables.

The ability to highlight rows in the pivot table application has been restored.


3. MER Forms: GEND_GBV Validation Rules fixed

The Sexual Violence disaggregate validation rule was not correctly displayed when data was entered incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.


    4. Improve ADX import efficiency

ADX imports from DATIM4U were taking many hours to complete. This fix significantly reduces the file import time.



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