Release Notes 1.21.f (June 6, 2017)

Shayna Padovano -

DATIM Release 1.21.f was deployed as a maintenance release on June 6th, 2017.

DATIM 1.21.f included updates to the mechanism importer and the data deduplication app, as well as a repurge of FY17 Q1 data from TB_ART and TB_STAT.


1. Repurge of TB_ART and TB_STAT data from FY17 Q1.

The TB_ART and TB_STAT indicators were changed from quarterly to semi-annual indicators. As a result, any data entered against these indicators for FY17 Q1 was removed from the system. Due to caching, there were some values that still exist in these indicators, and those values have been removed.

2. Update the way that UIDs are assigned to Implementing Mechanisms

Prior to this release, UIDs were randomly assigned to Implementing Mechanisms when they were first added to DATIM. After this release, UIDs will be generated deterministically based on their Mechanism ID, so that the UIDs will remain consistent across all DATIM instances.

3. Data Deduplication periods in the dropdown will open and close automatically when data entry and cleaning periods are opened or closed

The periods in the dropdown menu of the Data Deduplication application will now be added/removed from the dropdown as appropriate when periods are opened and closed.

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