Release Notes 1.21.j (July 18, 2017)

Shayna Padovano -


DATIM Release 1.21.j was deployed as a maintenance release on July 18th, 2017.

DATIM 1.21.j includes changes to the Lab Indicator and updates to the Mozambique site hierarchy.

MER Update:

1. When selecting N/A in the dropdown for the LAB_PTCQI indicators, the associated value was 99

Selecting N/A in the dropdowns for the LAB_PTCQI indicators would confer a value of 99 to that data element. When attempting to review this data in the pivots, the value of 99 would make it difficult to perform any analysis. The value for selecting N/A has now been change to "null", so it no longer aggregates upon data analysis. This allows the user to see the total number of "Yes" answers in analytics.

2. Updates to Mozambique site hierarchy

Several updates were made to the Mozambique site hierarchy as requested by the country team.


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