Section 2: COP22/FY23 Template and Reference Documents

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This section of Expenditure Reporting guidance and training focuses on COP22/FY23 reporting. It provides information about updates to Expenditure Reporting in COP22/FY23, the Template for reporting, and the Financial Classifications used for COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting. Below are the articles for COP22/FY23 related to this section:



What’s New for COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting

This article outlines major changes to the Expenditure Reporting activity in COP22/FY23, including: Direct DATIM data entry, Simplified Expenditure Reporting Template, updates to the guidance structure in PEPFAR Zendesk, and updates to validations.  

What’s new for COP22/FY2023 PEPFAR Program Expenditure Reporting?

COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting Template

This article holds the most up-to-date version of the Expenditure Reporting template for COP22/FY23 reporting. It also includes notes on the file format and an explanation of the reporting authority, instructions on how to complete the template, and instructions for how to provide comments and feedback on the Expenditure Reporting process.  

COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting Template

Online Data Entry Demo

This article includes a video walkthrough of this years’ ERB Processor App updates. It includes an overview of how to access the ERB Processor App, how to report Prime partner expenditures, and how to report subrecipient expenditures.

Online Data Entry Demo

COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting Webinar

This article contains the webinar slides and recording provided by PEPFAR to the Funding Agency teams. Please note: These slides and the recording are hosted on SharePoint and only available to U.S. Government users. If you are not a USG user, please do not distribute these slides.  
COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting Webinar

COP22/FY23 PEPFAR Financial Classifications

This article contains the PEPFAR Financial Classifications to be used for COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting. Please note: These are not the latest version of the Financial Classifications used in COP23, and should not be used for those purposes. 

COP22/FY23 PEPFAR Financial Classifications

Monitoring PEPFAR Program Expenditures

This article documents the reporting requirements for COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting, including how PEPFAR uses Expenditure Reporting data, COP22/FY23 PEPFAR Financial Classifications, and guidelines for how to efficiently classify expenditures.  
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