HRH - Program Guidance (Handbook, Webinar, FTE Calc)

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The documents below consist of the FY23 HRH Handbook, FTE Calculator, HRH Employment Title/Categories/Cadre, HRH Webinar, HRH Inventory Points of Contact. 

For guidance on data entry, DATIM, and systems, please view the HRH - Systems Guidance Zendesk page.


HRH Handbook (FY23 HRH Handbook.pdf)

The handbook includes:

    • Acronym definitions
    • About the Inventory
    • Introduction
    • Orientation to the Inventory Template Structure
    • Data Element Definitions and Instructions
    • Job Titles
    • A Second Look at 3 Jobs : Roving Staff, Community Workers, and TA Providers
    • PEPFAR Program Area Definitions
    • Completing a Final Quality Check Before Submission


The FTE Calculator (FY23 HRH FTE Calculator.xlsx)

The FTE Calculator attached below is a tool attached to the HRH Inventory Template but can also be found below. The FTE Calculator allows Partners to calculate the average FTE per month to complete Column I of the Staff List on the HRH template.


HRH Employment Title/Categories/Cadre (FY23 HRH Employment Title_Category_Cadre.xlsx)

The HRH Definitions document attached below is a reference guide to all HRH Inventory Employment Titles, Program Areas, Service Delivery options, Community workers, and Technical Assistant workers.


HRH Webinar (FY23 HRH Webinar.pdf)

The slides for the HRH webinar delivered on September 19, 2023 are attached for reference.


HRH Inventory Support

For questions or issues about HRH, please submit a Zendesk ticket at https://datim.zendesk.com/ and it will be routed to the appropriate party.

The Agency points of contact for HRH are:

GHSD/PEPFAR: Sarah Dominis 

USAID: Jason Roffenbender 

CDC: Alicia Warner 

HRSA: Laura Foradori 

DOD: Rivers Jones



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