HRH - Systems Guidance (Implementing Partner Guide, Error Message & Resolution, User Admin)

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The documents below consist of the FY23 (COP 22) Implementing Partner Step-by-step Guide , DATIM Error Message and Resolution document, HRH Data Entry and Submission for IP Users, Instructions for Creating a New HRH Account, Data Approval Level Statuses, and Password Reset.

For Program guidance including the HRH Handbook, Webinar Slides, and Employment Titles, please view the HRH - Program Guidance Zendesk page.


Implementing Partner Step-by-step Guide (FY23 HRH IP Step by Step Guide.docx)

This document attached below can be used as a final tool before submitting your template to ensure that all correct fields have been filled out and to prevent any upload errors.



DATIM Error Message and Resolution document (FY23 HRH DATIM Error Messages and Resolutions.pdf)

This document attached below explains the on-screen error messages a user might encounter when uploading a template that is invalid. Each one is shown in detail in the document with specific screenshots on what the error message looks like in DATIM, and what the corresponding error is in the HRH Inventory template.


HRH Data Entry and Submission for IP Users (FY23 HRH Data Entry and Submission for IP Users.pdf)

These slides attached below consist of a step-by-step guide to navigating the HRH template. It includes the following:

  • An overview of the HRH Inventory Template
  • Directions on how to enter identifying fields in the “CoverSheet” tab and the human resource data in the “StaffList” tab
  • A review of quality checks and the validation process for template submission
  • An overview of how to upload and submit the template in DATIM
  • Additional DATIM references and support


User Admin: Creating New HRH Account (FY23 HRH User Administration_Creating New HRH User Accounts.pdf)

This article attached below describes how to process Human Resources for Health (HRH) Inventory account requests and is relevant for Primary User Administrators and User Administrators only.


HRH IP Submission Statuses in HRH Monitoring Dossier (FY23 HRH IP Submission Statuses in HRH Monitoring Dossier.pdf)

For Agency Users, the Monitoring Dossier now shows multiple statuses. This job aid describes the statuses and how to view them in the HRH Monitoring Dossier. New statuses include Uploaded with errors and Uploaded with no errors but not submitted.


Data Approval Level Statuses

This chart describes the data approval levels and associated actions in the DATIM Data Approval app for the HRH Template Submission.

The status of a mechanism in DATIM can be affected only via the Data Approval app. Upon a successful (valid) template upload in the HRH Processor app, the implementing partner (IP) will initiate the approval workflow by visiting the Data Approval app and submitting the mechanism to the Agency level for review. Until this step occurs, the mechanism will remain at the "pending at partner" status level. Only the IP can initiate this process.

This chart lists the status levels in DATIM, the status translations in PAW/Panorama, and the actions required at each status level.

The DATIM Human Resources for Health (HRH) Inventory data approval workflow is as follows: Implementing Partner > Agency Field / AORs/CORs > Agency HQ > Global. (This data approval workflow is identical to that of expenditure reporting (ER) and PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure.)



How to Reset Passwords or Re-enable Accounts

DATIM accounts become inactive after 90 days. If you need to reset your password or re-enable your account, please follow this link. 

For questions or issues about HRH data entry, submission, or user accounts, please submit a Zendesk ticket at https://datim.zendesk.com/ and it will be routed to the appropriate party.


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