DATIM ERB App Data Entry Instructions for Prime Partners

Marc-Endre Dion -


The document described below contains instructions primarily targeted towards Prime Implementing Partners (IPs). It describes how to enter expenditures into the DATIM ERB Processor App including how to report for Primes, Subrecipients whose expenditures are greater than or equal to $25,000, and Subrecipients whose expenditures are less than $25,000, and validations that are in the app (broken down by Prime vs. Subrecipient) and how to resolve them.  

The document includes:

  • An overview of the ERB Processor App
  • Validation checks-errors and warnings for Prime reporting
  • Resolving error checks for Prime reporting
  • Validation checks-errors and warnings for Subrecipient reporting 
  • Resolving error checks for Subrecipient Reporting
  • Additional DATIM technical support

For guidance on how to use the template to report expenditures, please access the Template Data Entry Instructions for Partners. 


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