DATIM Release Notes: 23.9.27

David Bierwirth -

DATIM Release 23.9.27 was deployed on September 27, 2023.

DATIM 23.9.27 Includes SRE form updates, ER updates, and VMMC_NAE updates,


  • Surveys-Surveillance, Research, and Evaluation (SRE) Updates:
    • Evaluation Standards of Practice (ESoP) and Sureveys-Surveillance and Research (SaSR) forms have been updated to include:
      • Tracker Capture landing page updates with new fields for easier data filtering
      • Addition of new fields
      • Removal of several fields
      • Renaming several fields
      • Updates to response types and options
      • Flagging required questions
      • Adding logic/validation rules for easier data entry
      • Updates to improve user functionality (additional descriptive text, added numbers to question fields)
  • Expenditure Reporting Updates:
    • The document found here What’s new for COP22/FY2023 PEPFAR Program Expenditure Reporting? is an overview of the important dates and what’s new for FY2023 PEPFAR Program Expenditure Reporting.
  • VMMC_NAE - Section D updates:
    • Section D - Change Bleeding Disorder Tag & Add Other Tag:
      • Deprecated the Bleeding Disorder tag (click box DE) in Section D
      • Added 4 new tags for:
        • Bleeding Disorder Suspected
        • Bleeding Disorder Confirmed
        • Bleeding Other
          • With new free form text DE after the box with prompt to “Please specify details for “ selecting bleeding other“
        • Other
          • New DE free form field if “Other” tag is checked yes/true
            “Please specify details for selecting other“


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