Version 1.07 (April 6, 2015)

Mark DeZalia -

April 6, 2015 - This update of the DATIM production environment contains deployments for SIMS as well as configuration changes for MER Results:

  • Adds new data elements for SIMS KeyPops
    • SIMS: Above Site, Key Populations
    • SIMS: Community, Key Populations
    • SIMS: Facility, Key Populations
  • Adds new data element groups for SIMS
    • SIMS: Above Site
    • SIMS: Community
    • SIMS: Facility
  • Copies data values from old SIMS data elements to new data elements split by KeyPops
  • Deletes data values for old SIMS data elements
  • Adds new SIMS Data Element Groups and existing “All SIMS” Data Element Group updated
  • Adds and populates org unit groups for communities and facilities
  • “Type of Organizational Unit” filter added to pivot tables function in Data Visualizer User Management Application
  • Adds new account creation functionality for SIMS and SIMS KeyPops users at the Agency/USG level
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