How to Properly Submit a Request/Ticket for Support

Marc Mason -

Thank you for this message and my apologies for the difficulty with your issue.  So that we can ensure that this issue is properly addressed for you and for all other DATIM users, please submit this issue through the DATIM Support application within DATIM, which provides a growing library of reference materials, a searchable knowledge-base, and a portal for submitting a trouble ticket to the DATIM Support Team. Instructions for accessing the DATIM Support application are provided below.


1) Navigate to www.datim.org and sign in.


2) Under the “Apps” menu, select “DATIM Support.” If you don’t see the DATIM Support application, scroll down or click on the “More apps” button:


3) Within the DATIM Support Application, select “Submit a request” in the upper right corner.


4) Enter a subject, description, priority, ticket type, and your Operating Unit. You can also include supporting files such a screenshots or other documents to help describe your issue.

When you report an issue to the DATIM Support Team, we will need to replicate the issue you are seeing.

In order to do this most effectively, we require the click path you took to get to that point.

For example:

“I clicked on Data Entry, then selected Rwanda, Kigali, and selected the MER data set. When I entered text and tried to hit save, the following error was displayed”

(include screenshot of your error for best results)


5) You will receive an automated confirmation via email that your ticket has been received by the DATIM Help Desk and a response from the help desk will be given within 24 hours.


6)  You can track the status of all your submitted help desk tickets by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the DATIM Support Application and selecting “My activities.”


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