How do I conduct a DATIM training?

Mark DeZalia -

We have assembled a number of resources to assist country teams with designing and delivering DATIM trainings.  

Trainer Guides are available for each training topic on the DATIM Training & Tutorials page: 

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Data Entry

Data Analysis Overview and Visualizer

Geography in DATIM (GIS)

Data Approval

Hands-on Exercises are also available for each topic: 

"When planning your trainings, it is highly recommended to focus as much as possible on practical exercises and hands-on training.  The most effective way to learn DATIM is to use DATIM.  Monologue lectures should be kept to a minimum, be short as possible, and focus on demonstrating and explaining the DATIM functionality through real examples on a training environment."

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MER Data Entry

Data Analysis and DATIM Visualizer

DATIM Pivot Table Training

Geography in DATIM (GIS)

Other/Planning and Delivery Resources for DATIM 

Resources to assist with planning and with introduction of trainings.

  1. Facilitation Best Practices
    • For both experienced trainers and for newbies, this presentation provides an overview of training best practices.
  2. Guidelines for Training Seminars
    • Outlines the recommended approach to conducting large-scale training seminars on DATIM, including how to teach DATIM features, use of hands-on exercises, required equipment, and recommended training sizes.
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