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This article describes where Expenditure Reporting (ER) data reported by implementing partners is available, and how to access it.

How is your data used? 

Implementing Partner program expenditure data is reported using full PEPFAR Financial Classifications (Program Areas, Beneficiaries, and Cost Categories). PEPFAR leverages this data to accomplish three goals: resource monitoring, program performance assessment, and implementing mechanism-level insights. 

Expenditure data are used to inform resource monitoring from the Headquarters perspective and are used to understand:

  • Who and what we employ to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Impacts of macroeconomic shocks on procurement costs of staffing, commodities, and treatment modalities,
  • Allocation of resources to meet program needs,
  • Measuring program performance,
  • Comparison to budgets allocated during Country Operational Planning,
  • PEPFAR decision making by indicating program successes and where more funding is needed 

Financial data at the Implementing Mechanism level is key for PEPFAR as it provides: 

  • Ground-level insights of expenditure trends that can be used to inform next year's budgets,
  • Accountability to implementing partners to ensure that budgets are expended in alignment with PEPFAR goals,
  • Comprehensive context for where U.S. taxpayer dollars are going, and the tangible impact it has on the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Therefore, Expenditure data are crucial in assisting PEPFAR in having a wholistic view of the HIV/AIDS epidemic especially as we implement the PEPFAR 5 Year Strategy outlined during 2023 Country Operational Plan.

Where can Partners access the data? 

Partners can access their expenditure data following reporting in Panorama Spotlight. The data is published after the Data Cleaning period, usually in the first week of January the following year (for COP22/FY23 reporting, the Expenditure Data will be available on January 5, 2024). There are two resources for how to see your financial data: the Financial Management Dashboard, and the PEPFAR Program Expenditures dataset. 

Financial Management Dashboard

The Financial Management Dashboard, available under the Dashboard Library in Panorama Spotlight, provides three pages with expenditure data: Expenditures, Budget Execution, and Budget Execution Grid. These pages all provide snapshots of programmatic expenditures, and let you see your expenditures at varying levels of disaggregation. In the Budget Execution and Budget Execution grid, you can disaggregate to the Implementing Partner level, seeing budget execution percentages for your mechanism. 

Panorama Spotlight Datasets

There are two datasets available for users to access historical expenditures: PEPFAR Program Expenditures and PEPFAR Expenditure Analysis. To access these datasets, go to the Datasets section of Panorama Spotlight (available at: https://data.pepfar.gov/datasets). The table below outlines key differences between the three datasets: 

PEPFAR Program Expenditures Dataset Public Partner Expenditure Dataset  PEPFAR Expenditure Analysis Dataset 
  • Data from FY15-FY22
  • Broken down by current PEPFAR Financial Classifications (available here)  at the country level
  • Currently being updated
  • Data from FY15-FY22
  • Broken down by current PEPFAR Financial Classifications (available here) and partner
  • Currently being updated
  • Data from FY15-FY17
  • Broken down by historical Expenditure Analysis classifications (available here)
  • Archived dataset (no longer being updated)


PEPFAR Program Expenditures Dataset

The PEPFAR Program Expenditures Dataset, available under Datasets, provides a high-level view of the expenditures across the program and sub-program areas, as well as beneficiary and sub-beneficiary classifications. The data provided includes expenditures from FY15-FY22 and will be released with FY23 data during the Panorama Spotlight release after Q4 data cleaning in early January 2024. This can be used to see expenditure trends over time at the country level. Please note: some data is redacted, causing discrepancies between this dataset and others.

Public Partner Expenditure Dataset 

The Public Partner Expenditure dataset provides, at a Partner level, what was expended in FY2015-FY2022 by implementing partners for Care & treatment, HIV testing services, Prevention, Socio-economic, Above site programs, and Program management in U.S. $. The dataset provides a close-to-full view of partner data at the PEPFAR Financial Classification level. Please note: some data is redacted, causing discrepancies between this dataset and others. 

PEPFAR Expenditure Analysis Dataset 

The PEPFAR Expenditure Analysis Dataset, available under Datasets, provides historical expenditure data reporting during Expenditure Analysis, the pre-cursor to Expenditure Reporting active from FY15-17. Data is broken down by historical Expenditure Analysis classifications, which can be loosely mapped to Expenditure Reporting classifications using the EA to Financial Classifications Crosswalk file. Please note: this is a historical dataset that is no longer being updated. 


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