MER 2.7 Training Videos

Paige Schoenberg -

This article contains training videos for the MER 2.7 Guidance. 


All video recordings follow the format below. Scroll down to the "Attachments" section to download training slides.

Section 1: Overview of the Technical Area ​

Section 2: Indicator Changes in MER 2.7

Section 3: Overview of Indicators

Section 4: Data Use

Section 5: Additional Resources and Acknowledgments​


Technical Area Video Recording Link Training Slides (PDF)
Prevention & Support
DREAMS (AGYW_PREV) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/gu0l2bj3gi  Click for slides
Prevention (GEND_GBV, PP_PREV, PrEP_CT, PrEP_NEW) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/0bu1qg51ro  Click for slides
Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/x7f0s62x06  Click for slides
HIV Testing Services https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/p0vdd3hgl5  Click for slides
HIV Recency Testing https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/k83fz51s0t  Click for slides
Treatment https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/rkjkn2x67e  Click for slides
Viral Suppression
Viral Load https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/uay2fo3ua9  Click for slides
Health Systems
Lab (LAB_PTCQI) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/52u6wi4vjl  Click for slides
Tuberculosis (TB/HIV) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/vjr6gu4fzs  Click for slides
Cervical Cancer Screening & Treatment (CXCA) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/2pcssaxrst  Click for slides
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and Women's Health https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/nt702tmkmt  Click for slides
Key Populations https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/mczp3cmneb Click for slides
Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/yzhp7ijqzv  Click for slides
Commodities and Supply Chain https://state-2030.wistia.com/medias/ncnqmczn6m Click for slides



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