Release Notes 1.23.f (March 6, 2018)

Harold Kim -

DATIM Release 1.23.f was deployed as a maintenance release on March 6, 2018. 

DATIM 1.23.f includes fixes and an org hierarchy update.


System Updates:

  • Copy values in the Facility and Community Implementation Attributes Datasets in DATIM from FY18 (COP17) to FY19 (COP18)

     Data Sets Affected:

  • Implementation Attributes: Facility Based
  • Implementation Attributes: Community Based

Values for the Implementation Attributes: Facility- and Community-Based datasets were copied from COP17/FY18 Targets to COP18/FY19 Targets in DATIM. Both of these datasets and the planning attributes dataset have been opened for the FY19 (COP18) time period so that edits may be made if necessary.  

Please note that some regional/country teams do not historically use the implementation attributes dataset, but that ALL regional/country teams are to complete the planning attributes dataset at the PSNU level each year.    Refer to COP/ROP guidance for how and when to update this dataset.  We do NOT copy forward values in the planning attributes dataset from one year to another to ensure that country teams review/update these data annually. 

  • Update System Use Banner

Users will now see updated language in the System Use Banner when logging into DATIM.org.


Defects Resolved:

  • Corrected PP_PREV Category Combinations for FY18 Results

PP_PREV N&D was using an older set of data elements for Age/Sex. These have been updated

New data elements were created and assigned to the new non-mutually exclusive category combinations.

Code List Changes are as follows:





This change is now reflected in the current code lists in the MER Community Based and MER Facility Based code lists, including the associated DOD code lists: 4 elements removed, 4 elements added. Users should now see 40 replaced rows (4 elements by 10 disaggs).


Org Hierarchy Updates

  • Tanzania


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