Release Notes 1.24 (March 28, 2018)

Shayna Padovano -


DATIM upgraded to version 1.24 on March 28, 2018.


1. Overview of changes

  • MER FY18 Results fine 5-year age/sex disaggregates now include : Under 10, 10-14 (M/F), 15-19 (M/F), 20-24 (M/F), 25-29 (M/F), 30-34 (M/F), 35-39 (M/F), 40-49 (M/F), 50+ (M/F). The OVC_SERV indicator is excluded from these changes.
  • A Conditional fine age/sex disaggregate has been added to every MER indicator for the 25-49 (M/F) age bands. Note that the 5 year age bands, and the conditional 25-49 year age bands are mutually exclusive and the system will not allow you to enter data into both.
  • Updates have been made to the MER Results OVC_SERV Indicator (Semi-Annually reported: FY18Q2 & FY18Q4) to better differentiate between beneficiaries that have exited or transferred out from a PEPFAR partner. This includes a new numerator total auto-calculation as well as a new disaggregate for Transferred or Exited without graduating.


2. Details of changes

2.1. Example HTS_TST fine age/sex disaggregate changes:

2.2. Example of fine age/sex disaggregates (non HTS_TST):

2.3. Example of VMMC_CIRC fine age/sex disaggregate:


Dataset where this update can be found in DATIM = MER Results: Facility Based (and DoD Only) and MER Results: Community Based (and DoD Only). This is for FY18 MER Results ONLY.

  • Changes – Numerator total is now calculated by summing Program Status of Active and/or Graduated
  • Changes – New disaggregate for Transferred Out (to PEPFAR or non-PEPFAR Partner) or Exited without graduating



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