User Administration: Creating New ER User Accounts

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This article describes how to process expenditure reporting (ER) account requests and is relevant for Primary User Administrators and User Administrators only. 


Why do users need an account in DATIM for expenditure reporting and PEPFAR budget and projected expenditure?

To perform expenditure reporting data entry and approval, all Implementing Partner and Agency Field users will need a DATIM account that has permissions for ER. Global Agency users will also need a DATIM account; however, this user type is specific to ER, and thus should not cross over with other data streams.  

User administration in DATIM

Before you begin creating ER user accounts, please consult the following resources, which are only accessible with a ZenDesk account: 

DATIM ER User Types & Privileges

For ER, there are four relevant user types. The chart below describes which permissions a User Administrator could or should apply to each of these user types when creating new accounts. 

er user types.PNG

*Interagency User Administrators are not able to invite or edit other ER users as they are not included in the ER data approval workflow

*Agency HQ user type name has been updated to Global Agency. User type access and permissions remain the same.

*Denoted as "Agency" in the DATIM User Administration App

Requesting a DATIM User Account for ER on DATIM.org

Implementing Partner, Agency Field, and Global Agency users may request DATIM accounts from the homepage of https://www.datim.org. If users request accounts in this way, they should use the screenshots below as a guide to request the necessary permissions for each account type. 

ER Implementing Partner


ER Agency Field

ER Global Agency


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