Release Notes 1.25 (August 29, 2018)

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DATIM Version 1.25 Upgrade

Release Notes

DATIM has been updated to the DHIS2 version 2.29 and includes several improvements and new features, which are detailed in the Release Notes below.  These notes highlight features which will be most relevant to DATIM users.

These release notes are based on the official DHIS2 2.29 relates notes published by the University of Oslo. If you want to read up on all of the new features you can view them here for versions 2.28 and 2.29.


Remember to clear your browser cache when you first log in to ensure that features are updated!


DHIS2 2.29 Analytics Features


A new dashboard app is now available which lets you arrange the dashboard items in a completely flexible way. It features a better dashboard search, allows you to create shortcuts by marking dashboards as favorites, switch between visualization types such as pivot, chart and map and insert free-text items. Review the Dashboard Quick Guide for more details.



Pivot Table Scalability

The pivot table now allows for very large pivot tables to be viewed and downloaded in the web browser. This is accomplished through progressive rendering, i.e. the browser will only render what you currently see and not load the entire pivot table into the browser memory.


Filter pivots based on values

Pivot table app now supports measure criteria, meaning criteria can be apply to the data being returned, such as a min and max value. This is enabled in the Options dialog.


Combine Totals and Details in Pivots

Total values and details (operands) can now be combined in pivot tables and charts.



Indicator Totals in Pivots

The pivot table app now calculates total and subtotal values in a better way, dividing the sum of numerator values with the sum of denominator values multiplied by the average of indicator factors.



Remove Gaps in Bar/Column Charts

Data visualizer and event visualizer apps now support an option for displaying bar/column charts without gaps between the bars/columns. This feature can be enabled in the Options dialog.



Share Favorites with specific Users

Analytics favorites can now be shared with individual users in addition to user groups. This is useful for more flexible sharing and removes the need for always creating a group.



Favorite Filter for “Created By Me”

You can now easily filter your favorites with the new “Created by me”/”Created by others” filter, available in all the analytics apps.



Sort Favorites by Created and Last Updated

Analytics favorites can now be sorted by the date they were created and the date they were last updated.



Multiple Regression Types in Charts

Data visualizer and event visualizer apps now supports a new option for linear, polynomial and loess regression types (trend lines). Can be enabled in the Options dialog.


Maps App

A new maps app (previously GIS) is available, offering a new, intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating map layers. It lets you arrange the order of map layers in a simple way, and view the map data in a data table. Any number of map layers can be added to a map, even layers of the same type. The contents and order of map layers can be viewed in the left side menu. Please note that with the feature update, the GIS App will no longer be available. Please use the new Maps App for analysis.



User Admin App Updates

The User Admin App has been updated as part of the DATIM 1.25 Upgrade. View the User Admin Support page for details and a video overview of the changes to the application.

**Please Note: Interagency users will no longer be able to invite Agency users to DATIM. This is a result of the upgrade to DHIS2 2.29, which prevents user administrators from inviting other users who have permissions that they themselves do not. Note that that Interagency users were already unable to edit Agency users (for the same reason mentioned), and that this change now includes inviting users in that restriction.

Additionally, please note the following changes:

  1. Added 2 New Data Streams
  • Expenditure Reporting (ER)
  • Surveys and Surveillance (SaS)

*Please note these streams are coming soon but User Administrators are able to create users for these two streams now. Interagency User Admins are not able to invite or edit other ER users, as they are not included in the ER data approval flow. The management of ER users should be handled at the Agency and Implementing Partner levels.

  1. Removed 2 Data Streams
  • SIMS Key Populations
  • Expenditure Analysis (EA)

Additional Updates

  1. Swaziland is now Eswatini in DATIM: Swaziland will be updated to Eswatini within the organizational hierarchy. This change will only happen at the Country level; any references to Swaziland in the hierarchy will be updated by the in-country site administrators.



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