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The DATIM MOH Accounts are intended to provide participating ministries access to viewing, analyzing, and extracting relevant Data Alignment Activity (DAA) data within DATIM. This is not to be confused with DATIM Partner Accounts, which are used for PEPFAR-funded activities to conduct data entry. (Ministry officials in your country may hold either or both of these types of accounts, depending on their individual relationship to the PEPFAR program.)

An MOH account in DATIM will provide users access to the DAA indicator results. These results contain the annual facility level results that have a) been reported through the MOH and b) reported through the PEPFAR reporting processes, allowing for in-depth analysis or comparison of the data reported through both systems. Note, PEPFAR's results for this activity are derived from the relevant MER indicators.

See the data analysis section for information around accessing and analyzing the DAA data.

Types of MOH User Accounts

There are three (3) types of MOH User Accounts, each with different privileges:

  1. MOH User
    • General purpose user account for viewing
  2. MOH User Administrator 
    • General purpose user account for viewing
    • Ability to create new accounts 
    • Ability to deactivate accounts
  3. Primary MOH User Administrator
    • General purpose user account for viewing
    • Ability to create new accounts 
    • Ability to deactivate accounts
    • Email associated with account request form (register.datim.org)
    • Receive quarterly MOH user account verification emails

For participating countries, a single MOH User is identified to be the 'Primary MOH User Administrator' for initially managing user accounts within DATIM. This user will be the only one created by the DATIM support team and will then be responsible for creating other 'MOH Users' and additional 'MOH User Administrators'. These other 'MOH User Administrators' also have the ability to create or deactivate MOH User Accounts as needed.

Periodically, the Primary MOH User Admin will receive an email from SGACDataSystems@state.gov. The purpose of this email is to :

  • Verify the status of the Primary User Admin has not changed.
  • Remind the Primary User Admin to perform user verification against the existing list of DATIM users.
  • Remind the user to log into DATIM, ensuring their account remains active.

DATIM Account Policies

All users must adhere to the proper data protection policies, abiding by the DATIM Terms of Use. The MOH is responsible for maintaining and monitoring their DATIM accounts. MOH User accounts are exclusively for MOH staff and are not for individuals outside of the MOH.

MOH users must log into DATIM every 90 days to maintain their account. If they do not log in with 90 days, their account will be disabled. Users may contact their MOH User Administrator in order to reactivate their account.

Requesting an Account

Users may request an account either by going directly to https://register.datim.org/ or by following the link on the https://www.datim.org/ homepage. Once there, they can fill out the "New User Request Form" with their first and last name, email address, OU, User Type, language, and their justification for the account.


Once this form has been submitted, the 'Primary MOH User Administrator' will be notified via email that a new user account has been requested. The primary administrator will then need to decide whether to grant the request (in accordance with DATIM Terms of Use/MOH user access policy) OR may forward the user account request email to another MOH User Administrator to make the decision/create the account. Note that only the primary administrator will receive the initial notification of the request.

Creating an Account

As a 'Primary MOH User Administrator' or an 'MOH User Administrator', you may also manually invite people to create 'MOH User' accounts in DATIM. First, go to https://www.datim.org/, sign in, and navigate to the 'User Administrator' application.


To invite a user, simply click the "Invite User" button in the top right of the "Manage Users" section and fill out the User Invitation form.




Upon submitting this form, users will receive two (2) emails instructing them how to complete the account creation process. Users should be aware that these automated emails have been known to go directly to some users' "Junk Mail" or "Spam" folder and they should check there if they do not see them in their Inbox. 


Users will then be required to fill out and submit a form to finalize the creation of their account.


Adding a Primary MOH User Admin account

USG PMDAT members will be responsible for creating the DATIM account for their ‘Primary MOH User Admin’. As you are creating/inviting this user, please ensure that the "User Administrator" box is checked upon sending the invite as seen below.



Contacting DATIM User Support

If a user has issues with their account or with DATIM, they may contact DATIM User Support by navigating to the DATIM Support app. Once there, they should select "PEPFAR/MOH Data Alignment" from the drop-down menu and complete the necessary form.

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