Release Notes 1.27.b (January 17, 2019)

Harold Kim -

DATIM Release 1.27.b was deployed on January 17, 2019.

DATIM 1.27.b includes an update to the HTS_INDEX indicator and a fix to the Data approvals app.


  • HTS_INDEX data entry form update

 The HTS_INDEX data entry form disaggregate for the “Number of contacts elicited by HIV status and age/sex” has been changed in order to remove the “HIV Status” dimension. It now disaggregates by coarse age/sex only for the “Number of contacts elicited by age/sex”. The complete HTS_INDEX indicator screenshot is included at the end of these release notes.

This update also DELETED any prior data entered for the 3rd disaggregate (Number of contacts elicited). Any data that was previously entered will need to be re-entered using the new disaggregate options. Data entered for the rest of HTS_INDEX should not be affected.

 BEFORE:                                                                           NOW:

  • The following MER Results Data Sets with this indicator have been updated in DATIM (this update is not applicable for MER Targets):
    • MER Results: Facility Based (DSD/TA)
    • MER Results: Community Based (DSD/TA)
    • MER Results: Facility Based - DoD ONLY (DSD/TA)
    • MER Results: Community Based - DoD ONLY (DSD/TA)


  • Data Approvals app

An issue has been resolved in the Data Approval app where the “auto-calculation” fields in the data set indicator screens were not displaying totals.  


Updated HTS_INDEX indicator data entry form:



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