Release Notes 1.28 (July 16, 2019)

Harold Kim -

DATIM Release 1.28 was deployed on July 16, 2019.

DATIM 1.28 includes an organizational hierarchy change and a data element update. It also included an update to DHIS2.30. 


  • Organizational hierarchy update:
    • Mozambique 
  • Data element update:
    • All T_PSNU data elements have been removed. These data elements were added to the system to support the COP 18 Target import process and are no longer needed. In order to avoid any future confusion, the decision has been made to remove these data elements. This data was not designed to be used for analysis or pivots, and removal of these data elements will not impact any of the other existing data in the system.
    • If you have created a pivot table using one of the T_PSNU data elements, that pivot table will be deleted. Unfortunately, there is no way to maintain these pivot tables once the data elements have been removed.
    • If these pivot tables were in use and you need assistance recovering them, please contact DATIM Support.

DHIS2.30 Update:

Linkable dashboards
Individual dashboards can now be linked to through the URL. This makes it easier to share dashboards through email and chats.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to share.
  2. Copy the URL associated with the dashboard.
  3. Send the link to those with whom you want to share the dashboard. Note: The dashboard must be shared with the users in DATIM for them to see it.

How to share a dashboard in DATIM:

  1. Once navigated to the dashboard that you would like to share, click the ‘Share’ button.
  2. In the ‘Sharing settings’ window, type the names of the users/user groups with whom the dashboard should be shared, and then select them from the list that displays.

File menu in maps

The maps app now supports the file menu you are used to from pivot table and chart apps.

To access:

  1. Navigate to the maps app
  2. Click ‘File’


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