Release Notes 1.28.b (August 6, 2019)

Harold Kim -

DATIM Release 1.28.b was deployed on August 06, 2019.

DATIM 1.28.b includes data and organizational hierarchy changes.


  • Data cleanup:

DATIM uses the ‘OU Level’ mechanism to collect AGYW_PREV data, which began in FY19 Q2. Review of this mechanism has indicated that it also contains other data which should not be assigned to an OU Level mechanism. This data may have been entered inadvertently via the API or data import means. In order to maintain data quality and integrity, this data was reviewed with the country teams and it was determined that this data was not misplaced, and that it should be removed.

The following OUs and periods were impacted:

  • India data change for FY18 Q1 Results
  • Tanzania data change for FY17 Q3 and FY18 Q2 Results
  • Mozambique data change for FY17 Q1 Results
  • Botswana data change for FY17 Q3 Results
  • South Africa data change for COP15/FY16 Targets
  • Kenya data change for FY18 Q3 Results


  • Organizational hierarchy update:
    • Cote d’Ivoire requested to merge 12 duplicate sites.


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