The PEPFAR Evaluation Standards of Practice (ESoP) Version 3.1.2

Nazdar Dizeyee -

The PEPFAR Evaluation Standards of Practice (ESoP) version 3.1.2 reinforces the standards of evaluation practice deemed most relevant to conducting quality evaluations within PEPFAR and to inform improved decision-making. Additionally, this document contains guidance to assist in the implementation of these standards and the associated requirements. Within ESoP v3.1.2, users will find requirements related to PEPFAR evaluation planning, implementation, reporting, and review, as well as guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the relevant stakeholders and individuals who will implement, oversee, and report on the process.

Anticipated users of this document include: evaluators, persons who commission and procure evaluation services, providers of technical assistance for evaluations, and host country partners, among others.

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