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Using the Facility Reconciliation App

The purpose of this page is to provide step-by-step guidance for how to use the Facility Reconciliation App in Geoalign to complete the facility reconciliation process.

The Facility Reconciliation App is a tool that is used to assist in mapping MoH facilities to DATIM facilities. In the context of the MoH Alignment Activity, the app can be used for two purposes: 1) to complete facility reconciliation for the first time and 2) to maintain harmonization between the MoH and DATIM facility lists after initial facility reconciliation.

To use the app, a country will need a .csv file of the MoH facilities they would like added mapped to DATIM. If this is the first time a country is doing the facility reconciliation process, the list should include all MoH facilities that provide HIV testing and ART services (see specific guidance in the Introduction to Facility Reconciliation). The next section describes the attributes and specifications needed for this .csv file. The below video provides detailed guidance on preparing the MoH facility list .csv file.

How to Prepare the MoH Facility List Video 

Facility list .csv file specifications
Minimum Requirement

  • We require the attributes that define a parent hierarchy for each facility.
  • By parent hierarchy, we mean the levels of structures above the facility. Let us say your OU has four levels: Level4, Level5, Level6, Level7 and your Geo-Political hierarchy is Region, Zone, and District. We require the following attributes:
    • Region, Zone, District, FacilityName, FacilityID
    • East Region, Central Zone, South District, Uptown Clinic, 1234


  • If possible, you should try to add latitude and longitude to the minimum required set.
  • These attributes may look like:
    • Region, Zone, District, FacilityName, FacilityID, Latitude, Longitude
    • East Region, Central Zone, South District, Uptown Clinic, 1234, -74.384980,94.949590
  • The first row will be considered as a header row and not used as part of your facility list.
    • Region, Zone, District, FacilityName, FacilityID, Latitude, Longitude
    • Further Region, Upper Zone, Lower District, Lower District Hospital, 34, -74.384980, 94.949590
    • Closer Region, Border Zone, Border District, Border Family Clinic, 35, -75.003220, 94.952480

Steps to using the Facility Reconciliation App

  1. Submit a ZenDesk ticket to let the support team know that the country plans to use the Facility Reconciliation App. The support team will then need 2-3 days to setup the environment for you to complete facility reconciliation using the Facility Reconciliation App.
  2. Prepare the MoH Facility List using the specifications above.
  3. Review the Facility Reconciliation App user guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use the app. For additional support, watch the video with guidance on how to use the app.
  4. Notify the DATIM support team through a support ticket once you have completed facility reconciliation.

How to Use Facility Reconciliation GOFR Tool Video

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