5. Activity Components: Results Data Import

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Introduction to the Results Data Import

What is the Results Data Import?

Results Data Import is the process of importing the MoH results data into GeoAlign, including data upload, data validation, data import into GeoAlign, narratives data entry and data approval for DATIM. This process is done using a DHIS2 app, namely DAA Data Import App.

What is the DAA Data Import App?

The DAA Data Import App was developed to allow users to upload and validate a result file, enter narratives for MoH indicators, approve the validated file for import into Geoalign and later into DATIM. It simplifies the data submission process and can be access from a browser anywhere the internet is available. Additionally, you can download multiple files/ reports once the file is uploaded and processed. These includes:

  • The uploaded Result file
  • Results Summary Table Report
  • Mappings for Indicators Report
  • Transformed Site-level Data Report

How can countries import their results data?

To import results data, country teams must have the following:

  • The MoH Results File - Once country team has completed the Facility Reconciliation and Indicator Mapping components, they can compile the results file which will contain the Ministry’s annual results for the relevant indicators per facility.
  • Access to the DAA Data Import App in GeoAlign: https://geoalign.datim.org

To access the DAA Data Import App country teams should use Chrome or Firefox. Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge is not supported and may not work properly.

Most countries completed the indicator mapping and facility reconciliation process in the MoH Alignment Activity in 2017, 2018, or 2019. Therefore, once these countries have created the Results File for 2020, they can use the validation feature in the data import app to quickly identify any mapping or data issues in the Results File.

Additional Resources

The following support pages can help you work through your Results Data Import.

You can also download a copy of the DAA Data Import App manual below. 

MoH Data Import App Video

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