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The PEPFAR data systems team has created S/GAC-Approved MER Analytic Favorites to be used by all DATIM users to assess MER data quality and perform data analysis. These favorites are in the form of pivot tables and visuals that have been designed to display MER results for each indicator and to guide program analysis. The purpose of this guide is to instruct DATIM users in how to use and customize DATIM pivot tables for data analysis.

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. About DATIM Pivot Tables 
    • What is a Pivot Table? 
    • How DATIM Data Dimensions Can Be Used to Perform Programmatically Relevant Analysis 
  3. Guide to MER Approved Analytics Favorites 
    • Types of MER Approved Analytics Favorites: MER Cleaning Favorites and MER Analytics Favorites 
    • Accessing MER Approved Analytics Favorites 
      • Accessing MER Cleaning Favorites 
      • Accessing MER Analytics Favorites 
    • Data Dimensions of a DATIM Pivot Table 
    • Frequently Used Data Dimensions 
    • Applying Data Dimensions to a DATIM Pivot Table 
    • Changing the Layout of a DATIM Pivot Table to Facilitate Analysis of MER Results 
    • Saving and Sharing a DATIM Pivot Table 
  4. Example Scenarios
    • Example Scenario #1: Clinical Cascade for Adolescent Girls and Young Women 
    • Example Scenario #2: Testing by Modality 


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