Instructions for User Administrators: Creating new PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure user accounts

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This article describes how to process PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure/expenditure reporting (ER) account requests and is relevant for Primary User Administrators and User Administrators only.


User Administrators (UAs) will continue to administer accounts using the established ER process to grant users access to both ER and PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure. To facilitate PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure data collection, all existing DATIM user accounts with expenditure reporting (ER) data access will be granted PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure data access. Moving forward, all new accounts created for ER access will also have PEPFAR Budget and Projected Expenditure access automatically.

For Uganda mechanisms, both Partner and Agency level users need to have a DATIM4U (D4U) UA administer the Partner or Agency account on the D4U site http://ug.datim4u.org/. Do not use DATIM. Agency HQ level users are to use www.datim.org as normal for account administration.

Please refer to the following ER user administration articles for detailed instructions:


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