Release Notes 1.30.c (July 21, 2020)

Bardha Ajeti -

DATIM Release 1.30.c was deployed on July 21, 2020.

DATIM 1.30.c includes data changes, an organizational hierarchy update, and user account request update


  • Data cleanup:
    • Zimbabwe data change for FY19 (Q3 and Q4) Results: These data were incorrectly entered into indicator VMMC_CIRC for two districts and need to be corrected.
    • Botswana data change for FY19 Targets: Botswana has received an OPU to switch all targets data from mechanism 17862 to mechanism 81557 for administrative purposes.
  • Organizational hierarchy update:
    • Nigeria requested to delete 6 sites. 
  • User account request update:
    • Fixed: DATIM User account requests were being routed to the incorrect primary user administrators: When users requested an account via register.datim.org for USG user type, and selected a participating organization, the requests to create these user accounts were routed based on the participating organization (regardless of the Operating Unit). This is not correct and has been fixed. These requests are now routed to the selected Operating Unit (regardless of Participating Organization). For example, if a user indicates they are a USG User Type, with Malawi as Operating Unit, and Census as Participating Organization, the request will be sent to the primary user administrators for Malawi. Previously, the requests were being routed to the selected Participating Organization.



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