Release Notes 1.30.e (August 04, 2020)

Marc Mason -

DATIM Release 1.30.e was deployed on August 04, 2020.

DATIM 1.30.e includes a data change, mechanisms update, and an update to the User Admin App


  • Data cleanup:
    • Rwanda for FY20 Q1 Results: Rwanda requested to remove TX_CURR FY20 Q1 results for two facilities that were reported in error.


  • Mechanisms update:
    • During routine maintenance, several legacy mechanisms that existed in DATIM but do not exist in FACTS Info were identified and deleted. These mechanisms had no data values associated with them.


  • User Administration App bug fixes:
    • The "Invitation to create user account" email was missing information when entry for ER data stream was selected. The email was only showing ESOP (view) for Data Streams. This has been corrected and you can now see both ER (enter) and ESOP (view) under Data Streams in the email.
    • Agency User Admins are now able to invite any partner users they select. Previously, Agency users were unable to invite certain partner users due to an error.


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