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Analyzing your data through DATIM Pivot Tables

Favorites have been created in DATIM to help with analyzing the PEPFAR/MOH Data Alignment data.  They have been specifically designed to provide a side-by-side view of the PEPFAR and MOH data.  Follow the steps below to view the favorites.


Steps to View DATIM Favorites:

Step 1) Log into DATIM


If you are a new DATIM user and do not yet have a DATIM account, please reach out to your in-country User Administrator to create one.


Step 2) After you have logged in, open the Data Visualizer app


Step 3) Within the Data Visualizer app, click “File” and then click “Open”


Step 4) Search for favorites by entering “MOH####” into the text box at the top.  This will filter the list of favorites to the #### Data Alignment Activity indicators. 

You can replace the year '####' with the specific year you are looking for.  e.g. if you wish to see the 2022 data, simply filter the favorites with "MOH2022".


Step 5) Click on the favorite that you wish to see to load the data for you Country.

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