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Analyzing your data through the DAA Explorer (R Shiny) application


S/GAC has released an application to enhance analytic capabilities, providing more granular insight and putting your PEPFAR and MOH data at your fingertips.  This is useful for in-depth analysis and trends over time.  The app also provides a method to extract the raw data as well as predefined Excel Pivot tables.


Access the app here:  https://apps.datim.org/daa-explorer/ 

Use your DATIM credentials to log in!


About the application


  • Built using R Shiny
  • Data access tied to user’s DATIM credentials
  • Provides a number of tables, charts, and pivots for analyzing and visualizing your DAA results alongside other PEPFAR data
  • Allows users to download raw data or pre-packaged Excel workbooks with pivot tables for ready-to-go analysis


For more information around the application, please view the ZoomGov webinar recording: Webinar #3 – DAA Explorer (R Shiny)


Note: Concordance in the DAA Explorer app is calculated as follows...

Metric: Transformed Weighted Average Percent Difference for each indicator

Description of Calculation:
Step 1: For each site, calculate the sum of the MoH and PEPFAR results minus the difference between the two results and divide by the sum of both results. This is equivalent to two minus the percentage difference between the two results.

Step 2: Calculate the weight for each site that takes into account patient capacity. Higher volume sites will have a higher weight. Multiply the value from Step 1 by this weight.

Step 3: Take the sum of those values across all sites.


Concordance Equation:


  • Where ω is the weight of each site to account for the patient capacity of each site and is equivalent to the number of patients according to PEPFAR data at that site divided by the total number of patients in the entire country according to PEPFAR data. Note that this analysis only includes results from sites that reported both PEPFAR and MOH data.
  • Where n is the number of sites.
  • Where i denotes the site number.



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