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DATIM Dashboards Overview

Standard, curated dashboards have been made available in DATIM to provide country teams with further information to help review data and inform decision making.

Please keep in mind that during COP, these analytics are intended to work in conjunction with the PAW dossiers, Panorama, and other analytic tools. Additionally, these dashboards do not update dynamically with Data Pack submission and are instead intended to assist in providing a reference point for setting targets.

Accessing DATIM Dashboards


The Dashboard App has a navigation bar at the top that will appear like this screenshot:


The dashboards you access may include more than the examples shown here. You can see three types of dashboards:

  1. OGAC-Curated Dashboards
  2. Dashboards you may have created yourself
  3. *Dashboards made by someone else, that have been shared with you

*When using dashboards and analytics that have not been shared by OGAC, please use caution, as they have not been vetted or checked for the way the data is represented.

Remember! Dashboards display data directly from the live DATIM system. This means that data may change/differ based on your user role permissions, whether data entry or data cleaning is in-progress, and whether data has been approved.


OGAC-Curated Dashboards

The DATIM team continuously releases up-to-date standard dashboards in DATIM to answer common analytic questions from the MER Guidance. Currently, the standard dashboards available are:

  • Thematic Dashboards: This series of dashboards are labeled with the COP year time period and display analytics related to relevant technical or thematic areas (such as prevention, treatment, clinical cascade, etc.) prioritized for that year, based on recommended visualizations in the MER Guidance
  • COP Planning Reference Dashboard: A dashboard that displays results and targets to assist leading up to and during the COP meetings.
  • MER Result and Target Review Dashboard: Commonly referred to as “Cleaning Favorites”, provides links to pivot tables to access all MER data at the level at which it was entered in a format that closely mirrors the MER data entry screens. Simply choose the indicator of interest from the left-hand column and the period from the top row and click to open the link.
  • World AIDS Day Review dashboard: A dashboard that gives access to data released in end-of-year World AIDS Day reports.

Dashboard Navigation and Tools

You can use the Dashboard Navigator on the DATIM Landing Page after logging in, to quickly find curated dashboards.



Or, you can use the Dashboard App to find and select any dashboards.  Once clicked, the dashboard you are viewing is highlighted in green. Dashboards are listed in alphabetic order, unless you click the “star” button which will populate your very own “favorites” list.


When using any of the analytic dashboards you can use several features to assist in your analysis:

  • Toggling data on and off in charts
  • Using the filter
  • Opening an object in the pivot table or visualizer app

Toggling data on and off in charts:

You can remove data from a chart by clicking on the data value in the chart legend. This can be helpful if you want to see parts of the chart with more detail or highlight specific values.


Using the filter:

On each of the dashboards there are recommended dimensions that can be used as a filter. You can add multiple filters at once, and the filters apply to all the charts, tables, and maps on the dashboard*.


*Use caution when using the filters, they can remove data you may not expect unless you are very familiar with PEPFAR metadata structure.

Opening an object in the pivot table or visualizer app:

You can open any of the objects in the dashboard individually to continue your analysis. To do so, just click on the icon next to the name of the object (i.e. chart, table, visual, etc).


Further Support

For support using, understanding, or if you have any general questions about these standard DATIM Dashboards, please submit a DATIM Support ticket here.


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