Release Notes 1.31.n (April 6, 2021)

Marc Mason -

DATIM Release 1.31.n was deployed on April 06, 2021.

DATIM 1.31.n includes data changes and Facility Implementation Prioritization Set update



  • Data Update:
    • Tanzania submitted a small amount of CXCA_SCRN data into an incorrect quarter (FY20 Q1). This data is now removed.
    • The DATIM team deployed requested MER Results data changes for the Angola OU, Funding Mechanism 81002. These included moving mistakenly entered DSD data to TA, redistributing incorrectly aggregated values, correcting current values, and adding missing data values for the following indicators and quarters:

FY20 All Quarters:

HTS_TST (Modality/Age/Sex)

HTS_TST_POS (Modality/Age/Sex)

PMTCT_STAT (Status/Age)


PMTCT_ART (ART Status/Age)

TB_ART (ART Status/Age/Sex)

TX_TB (ART Status/Age/Sex)

TB_STAT (Status/Age/Sex)

  • Implementation Prioritization Set (FIPS) Update:
    • Facility Implementation Prioritization Set has been removed



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