Create a New Browser Profile in Chrome 

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How do I install Google Chrome? 

Click here with instructions on how to download and install Google Chrome. 


How do I know what browser profile I’m using? 

Step 1:

Go to google.com.

Step 2:

In the top right corner you will either see an icon with your initial or profile photo, or you will see the words “Sign In”, depending on whether you have signed in to an account. 


Step 3:

If you are signed into your browser, hover or click over your initial or profile photo to see what account you are signed in with. 


How can I create a new browser profile in Chrome?

Step 1:

In a Chrome browser, click the “Profile” icon in the top right and select "+ Add" under "Other Profiles".


Step 2:

Sign in with another account or follow the prompts to continue without an account.



Note: Once you have created multiple profiles, you are able to switch to another profile. To do this, click the “Profile” icon in the top right corner and select which profile you want to use. 


How can I remove a browser profile in Chrome?

Step 1:

In a Chrome browser, click the “Profile” icon in the top right and select the wheel icon indicating "Settings".



Step 2:

A new browser will open showing each of your Google Chrome profiles. Choose the profile you want to remove and click More (indicated by the virtual ellipsis). From that menu, choose "Delete".



Step 3:

Confirm your choice to delete this profile and its data once again by selecting "Delete" in the bottom right of the pop-up.



Do you want more information about Google Chrome browser profiles? Click here for resources provided by the Google Workspace Learning Center.


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