Overview of OneDrive from SharePoint 

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What is OneDrive? 

OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that operates as a personal file hosting service. It enables users to connect to their files, store and protect their files, share and edit files with others, and access their files virtually across many devices.

In other words, OneDrive is essentially a personal SharePoint document library. OneDrive acts as the interface for controlling permissions, moving and uploading files, collaborating online, etc. However, in your personal OneDriveyou are the only Poweruser. 


What are the benefits of OneDrive? 

OneDrive offers many benefits to users including the following: 

  • 1TB of Cloud Backup & Versioning for all of your PEPFAR documents; 
  • Ability to share and collaborate on files in Office 365; 
  • Unlimited file access, anytime from anywhere; 
  • Sharable content across teams and organizations; and 
  • Familiar user interface (similar to SharePoint Online's interface). 

OneDrive solves problems by: 

  • Allowing users to collaborate on small or quick projects without warranting the creation of a full SharePoint site; 
  • Permitting users to draft documents with others before moving their documents to a SharePoint platform in which they are not the Poweruser; 
  • Helping individuals organize their files in a private location, preventing potential clutter of the internal document library for everyone; and 
  • Enabling users to work with files that are not backed up. 


What are the limitations of OneDrive? 

Despite OneDrive’s exceptional value, it has some limitations: 

  • The PEPFAR SharePoint team is only able to support the cloud (web) interface to OneDrive, and thus are unable to troubleshoot issues with desktop client/local syncing. If you wish to experiment with the desktop client and encounter issues, please reach out to your host organization’s technical support team. 
  • Your PEPFAR SharePoint Login will change to Firstname.Lastname@pepfar.onmicrosoft.com once you enter OneDrive. You will need to associate a new password to this account.  All of your current account configurations will be copied into this new account.


How do I access OneDrive? 

Option 1:

After logging into your SharePoint account, open http://portal.office.com/onedrive to get into your OneDrive.

Option 2:

Through SharePoint, you can access OneDrive by going to any page and selecting the top, left corner “Waffle” icon. From that menu, select “OneDrive”. If you do not see “OneDrive” after selecting the “Waffle” icon, select “All Apps” and then choose “OneDrive”.





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