Release Notes 1.32.f (November 2, 2021)

Marc Mason -

DATIM Release 1.32.f was deployed on November 02, 2021.

DATIM 1.32.f Includes HRH update, data changes, and VMMC update.


  • HRH Update:
    • This update is to lower the size threshold for HRH templates to catch the Dominican Republic's small template
  • Data Cleanup:
    • Completed data changes for Angola (FY21Q3); Corrected MER results data under mechanism 17397 that were reported by error. The data were changed from <1 positive in index testing to an 18-month-old negative index
    • Completed data changes for Zimbabwe (FY21Q2); deleted MER results data under mechanism 85143 for 14 sites that were entered by mistake. These entries are listed under Central Support (CS) for data element PMTCT_STAT and have already been entered in the correct space (DSD)
  • VMMC Notifiable Adverse Events Tracker Update:
    • MC Notifiable Adverse Events instruction text has been updated in the DATIM forms. They advise users required to alert any necessary parties regarding an Adverse Event to use email, as appropriate. The native messaging widget functionality previously mentioned was unscalable


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