Release Notes 1.32.g (November 9, 2021)

Marc Mason -

DATIM Release 1.32.g was deployed on November 09, 2021.

DATIM 1.32.g Includes VMMC_NAE update, data and organizational hierarchy changes.


  • Organizational hierarchy update:
    • Asia Region (Thailand) requested to relocate a facility from one district to another
  • Data Cleanup:
    • Completed data changes for Haiti (FY21Q3); removed all values reported under Centrally Support (CS) for PMTCT_STAT (D) and PMTCT_STAT (N) for a facility for mechanism 81661. The data were entered by error and have already been entered in the correct space (DSD)
  • VMMC Notifiable Adverse Events Update:
    • The VMMC_NAE data stream has added a new "VMMC_NAE Sequential ID" program attribute. The Sequential ID is only visible in the Event Report App. Additionally, the Sequential ID can only be generated once a week and will not be immediately available for newly created VMMC NAE reports. It does not replace the already existing "VMMC_NAE Unique ID" which is generated at report creation in the Tracker Capture app. DATIM users entering VMMC NAE reports should still reference the "VMMC_NAE Unique ID" as instructed


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