COP22 Work Plan Collection Webinar

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This article contains a link to the COP22 Work Plan Collection webinar slides that were presented on 6/16/2022. The webinar included the following topics: 

  1. Overview, Purpose and Timeline​ 
  2. COP22 Work Plan Elements​ 
    1. Program Narrative with targets​ 
    2. Budget Narrative​ 
    3. Budget Template​ 
  3. COP22 Work Plan Collection Process​ 
    1. COP22 Work Plan Collection Timeline​ 
    2. How to Submit for TBD Mechanisms (SharePoint and DATIM)​ 
    3. How to Submit for Closeout Mechanisms (SharePoint and DATIM)​ 
    4. How Agencies Submit in SharePoint (Program Narrative and Budget Narrative)​ 
      1. Accessing SharePoint Work Plan Page​ 
      2. Uploading Work Plan documentation to SharePoint ​ 
    5. How Partners Submit in DATIM (Budget Template)​ 
      1. Agency Review of Templates in DATIM​ 
      2. DATIM User Administration​ 
  4. Work Plan Budget Dossier in PAW​ 
    1. How to Access the PAW Dossier​ 
    2. Using the WPB Dossier for Data Analysis and Monitoring Submissions   

The webinar slides and recording can be found on SharePoint in the Resources folder of the COP/ROP Work Plan page. To access the folder, navigate to HQ > COP/ROP Work Plan > Resources.Please note that only USG users have access to the webinar. 


Note: We recommend that you use the Edge browser to open the SharePoint link. 

This webinar is for USG only, so please do not share this link with non-USG users. 

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