I can’t see my mechanism in DATIM

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I can’t see my mechanism or I get an error when trying to use a particular mechanism

The implementing mechanisms (IMs) that you see in DATIM or use within a data collection tool are populated from the official system of record for IMs, FI-NG (FACTSInfo-NextGen). 

Why can’t I see a particular mechanism in DATIM?
In order for a DATIM user to be able to see an IM and the data related to it, it must be an IM that is aligned to your organization (implementing partner/agency), and must be marked as “active” in FI-NG for the correct reporting period or COP year.

How do I get a new or updated mechanism into DATIM? How long will it take for a mechanism to appear in DATIM once it is updated appropriately in FI-NG?
Implementing mechanisms can only be added to DATIM through the automated feed from FACTSInfo-NextGen. Implementing mechanisms may be added to FI-NG by contacting your agency’s Agreement Officer Representative (AOR) or other FI-NG administrator for your agency. After the IM is added to FACTSInfo, it will take up to 24 hours for the IM to appear in DATIM.

I used an existing mechanism ID within my Target Setting Tool/HRH template/ER/WPB template. Why do I receive an error and/or why is it not processed?

Please note that for a mechanism to be used within a Target Setting Tool PSNUxIM tab, within an HRH template, or within an ER/WPB template, it must be marked as ACTIVE for the relevant year of reporting or planning within FI-NG. 

It is highly advised that prior to generating a Target Setting Tool PSNUxIM tab or downloading an HRH or WPB/ER template, you work with the correct point of contact to ensure all mechanisms of interest are a) available within FI-NG and b) active for the relevant time period.

Again, if changes need to be made, it can take up to 24 hours for those changes to be imported into DATIM.

Still having problems?

If the IM in question has been added to or updated in FI-NG more than 24 hours ago and you are still not able to see it in DATIM or use it within a given data collection template, please submit a help request ticket so that we can investigate further. 


For guidance on renaming TBD IMs, please refer, here.

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