DATIM Primary User Administrator (PUA) Guide

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DATIM Primary User Administrator Guide & FAQ


Primary User Administrators Determine Access to DATIM

Due to the global scope of PEPFAR, DATIM must be managed in a decentralized way through user administrators. Primary User Administrators (PUAs) are identified by the DATIM Systems Team, by contacting current DATIM PUAs and/or an Organization Units PEPFAR Program Manager (PPM), to receive new account requests. Requests are made via email and either come from automatically generated account requests or from the DATIM Support Team if a user submits a help desk ticket.


The main responsibilities for DATIM PUAs are to:

  • Actively review new DATIM account requests that are routed from register.datim.org or DATIM Support and complete the process in the DATIM User Administration App.
  • Edit user accounts to add and/or remove access (i.e. to data streams) using the User Administration App. 
    • This is especially important for the ER, PB&PE, and HRH data streams.
    • Please note, user accounts are not able to be edited, converted, or transferred to a different OU, Agency, or Partner. A separate account would have to be created
  • Reenable user accounts
  • Disable user accounts that are no longer valid.
  • Edit user accounts using the User Admin App.
  • Inform the DATIM Support Team if they or another PUA is no longer able to administrate DATIM users and help identify a replacement.


New Account Process:

  1. A DATIM account request is made via the register.datim.org “New User Request form” by clicking the register.datim.org link on the homepage.
  2. Then it is routed by email to the designated Primary User Administrators (PUAs).
  3. The PUA should then review the email with the provided account type information.
  4. If the Primary User Admin is unsure of the details, they should forward it to another DATIM Primary User Admin or another DATIM user with the User Administrator role.
  5. Once DATIM access is determined, the PUA logs in to DATIM, navigates to the DATIM User Administration App, then to the “Send Invite” page.
    1. Select the appropriate and required account details from the dropdown, then click “Send Invite”
  6. The new user should then receive an email to finish creating their account based on the parameters selected by the PUA.
  7. The new account setup process is then completed once the user finalizes their account details received from the PUA through DATIM.



 Administration for Existing Accounts:

Primary User Admins should have access to DATIM’s User Administration application which allows them to re-enable existing user accounts, edit user data streams, and disable users that no longer require access to DATIM. 


Examples of PUA user administration actions from the above table:

  • Global PUAs are only able to create/edit other Global User accounts.
  • PUA Agency level accounts are only able to create and/or edit other Agency accounts or Partner (IP) accounts associated with their agency within that OU.
  • Inter-Agency level PUAs are not able to edit Global, Global Agency, Global Partner, or Agency level accounts. So, if an Inter-Agency PUA is blocked from editing a different account type, they should delegate to an Agency level DATIM User Administrator.


From the DATIM User Administration App (pictured above), Primary User Admins can:

  • Edit data access rights and permissions for existing users as needed.
    • The DATIM Systems Team will send notifications if/when a new data stream is added so PUAs can administer them as appropriate.
  • Enable accounts for existing users
  • Disable a user’s account if:
    • A user is no longer supporting the PEPFAR program or is now supporting another country or agency.
    • The user has been found in violation of DATIM policies and system access should be

*For more information on the DATIM User Admin App, please reference the User Administration Application Reference Guide on the DATIM Support Site here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are PUAs?

  • Ideally 1-3 PUAs, per Organization Unit or HQ Agency that are identified by PEPFAR Program Managers (PPM) and/or other PUAs
  • They receive the register.datim.org DATIM account request emails from people seeking access to DATIM.
  • They are considered the DATIM User Administrator Points of Contact for their OUs, Implementing Partners, or U.S. Agency by the DATIM Systems support team.

Why are PUAs Important?

  • Primary User Admins are one of the most important roles a DATIM user can have. The DATIM user community is so large that the DATIM Team is unable to actively maintain or manage users – especially since different users may or may not need access to a variety of Data Streams.
  • PUAs help administer new data streams to their users if/when needed.

I got a DATIM account request email, but I'm not sure what to do…

  • Review the email for DATIM Account details.
  • Log in to DATIM and go to the User Administration App to search existing users to see if this request has already been fulfilled.
    • If they already have an existing DATIM account, check to see if the user just needs an update to their data streams or user actions.
    • OR if they already have an account, check to see if they are requesting a different account type to perform new or different functions.
  • Finally, you can contact DATIM Support here.


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